If you’ve taken the plunge and signed yourself up for one of our obstacle course races this year, firstly thank you and welcome to the team. You certainly wont regret it. But secondly, now its time to ‘Level up’ that training of yours and prepare yourself to smash race day!

We have some top tips to help you up the training game so keep reading…

1 Power up
Training for an obstacle course race is a little tricky due to the fact that there’s so much going on! It’s not a straight forward running or cycling race. You’ll encounter changes of pace, varied terrain, obstacles, weather changes and so on. This makes it hard to train and fully prepare for when you are training in a gym.

However, there are certain exercises that can really help prepare you for race day. One of the main areas we recommend to work on is your explosiveness and power. Incorporating exercises such as box jumps, burpees and squat jumps help increase your power output (and they’re fun!). This added power correlates well for when you are faced with obstacles to climb over, jump across or dodge as they require similar movement patterns to those exercises.

2 Go the extra mile
If you are really looking to perform and race at your best, you are going to have to up the intensity of your training and go the extra mile. Simple adjustments that will help increase your training and intensity could be upping the load on a lift or increasing the number of reps you do to continue stressing the body as fitness progresses.

3 Reducing rest time
By cutting your rest time down between reps / intervals, will force the body to adapt and respond faster. This also increases stamina which we all know is a great advantage skill to have in the world of OCR.

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