You can enter obstacle course races like our Rood Rampage as a team (of however many you wish) or as an individual. You certainly don’t have to enter with others – indeed, many enter solo and make friends at the event – but there’s certainly benefits to entering as a group.

Within each group entry, there will normally be one protagonist (we all have that one friend who suggests these things!) who’s had the great idea of doing an obstacle course race and is on a mission to recruit as many others as possible to join them.

Why enter an OCR as a team:

  1. You’ll make new friends. Assuming you don’t know everyone else on your team (though even if you do, you’re unlikely to have been so wet, muddy and out of your element with them before) then I guarantee you’ll make strong friendships.
  2. Training is easier. Undertaking some training ahead of your first OCR is a good idea (click here for tips and ideas) and doing so with your teammates is a whole load more enjoyable. You’re less likely to bail on a session if you know you’re meeting others, and the accountability of knowing people will be expecting you these will motivate you to show up.
  3. Compete within your own wave. If there’s enough of you, you could race together in your own wave. That means it’ll just be your team tackling the course (that is, unless you overtake / are overtaken while you’re out there). This is a great option for businesses that want to create an air of exclusivity and a great opportunity for team-bonding amongst colleagues.
  4. Build camaraderie. Camaraderie is built undertaking activities like obstacle course races. Generally speaking, we lead very comfortable lives but it’s through putting ourselves in uncomfortable spaces with others that builds a strong relationships. This, of course, holds true regardless of whether you’re entering as a group of mates, colleagues or even family members.
  5. Team building. While this might not be necessary for a group of friends, the benefits of building a strong team within a business setting is key. Get your colleagues out of the office and into the challenging atmosphere of an OCR and your in-office bond will be that much greater (which in turn will increase business efficiency and productivity).
  6. Improve family dynamics. An OCR isn’t just for groups of mates or colleagues. We’ve had many families take part in our events together as a team, and it’s wonderful to see! Granted, there’s been a few occasions where the family dynamic has been challenged (but it came good as issues were worked out!) but on the whole it’s fantastic to see Mums and Dads working together, siblings helping each other over obstacles and the general positive encouragement shared by all.
  7. Discounted entry fees. You can often obtain a discounted entry fee if registering as a group. If you’d like to enter a group into our Rood Rampage OCR, just drop us a line at

Entering a group into an obstacle course race is step 1. The next step is needed to ensure you function well as a team.

3 tips to complete an OCR as a team:

  1. Select a leader. They don’t need to be your boss, someone in a position of authority or even a natural leader – it just needs to be someone who can organise your group, arrange training meet ups and share details of the event ahead of the big day.
  2. Become a ‘Yes’ person. Learn to say yes to your group of OCR comrades. When a training session is schedule, say ‘Yes’ to turning up. Say ‘Yes’ to organising team kit. Say ‘Yes’ to helping others overcome their challenges.
  3. Get some stash! While this isn’t mandatory, wearing the same t-shirt / vest / entire outfit creates a bond between everyone (and makes for brilliant photos!).

Hopefully that’s provided some useful reasons behind why entering as a team is a great idea, and how to execute it. Now you’ve read that and are ready to rock, enter Rood Rampage and put it into practice!

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