Before we get into the bulk of this blog, it’s important to determine what you are looking to get out of this race in order to decide what clothing options would be best suited to you.

Are you aiming to make it onto the podium?
Or are you looking to take your time and take as long as it takes?

Dependent on the answer, it will help you decide how you should dress for that race.

If you are looking to race and aim for a top place finish, you would ideally look to wear fitted, lightweight clothing, like base layers. Merino wool garments work well due to it being a natural fibre that has the ability to lock in moisture and keep you both cool and warm, but the downside is that it can be pretty pricey.

If the aim is to ‘get round’ the course in a slower manner, your body will have a higher chance of suffering in the cold as you are exposing yourself to it for a longer period of time. Taking additional items of clothing to change into throughout the race is a great idea, especially if the course is a lapped route where you know you will be able to swap clothing over easily as you loop around.

Wet feet are almost a given at any OCR, especially if it’s during winter so the socks you choose should be considered. If you know you will be getting wet (as you can expect at Mud Nation and Battle of Lansdown!), then neoprene socks could be a great shout. This isn’t to say your feet won’t get wet, but it will certainly make for a more bearable race. Just ensure you test them with your chosen footwear prior to race day.

Windproof jackets are also great is conditions are really grim, again especially for those who think they may be in the elements a rather long time! If you get soaked from an obstacle and find yourself having to run for periods of time from one obstacle to the next this could be pretty bleak and cold for you. The windproof jacket can help eliminate some of the chill – most windproof jackets are lightweight and easily rolled up and stuffed down your top if you find it isn’t required also.

Finally, a buff or scarf is one of – if not the – most essential pieces of kit for an OCR. You’ll see everyone from first-timers to seasoned pros donning them, and they certainly help keep the chill from your head, race and ears leaving your free to enjoy the mud!

Now that you’re ready to tackle a chilly OCR, take a look at our upcoming Battle of Lansdown.

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