OCRs have the tendency to bring out the inner child in us, so it makes sense that this sport should be opened up to kids from an early age too. Here’s a few reasons why we believe more children should be giving OCRs a go – and why we offer kid’s waves at the Battle of Lansdown.

Builds character
There are a lot of life lessons to be learned from an OCR. It’s tons of fun, teaches individuals to think, problem solve an be creative. Not only this, it builds mental resilience and perseverance. The brilliant thing about an OCR is that most people will be unable to overcome some of the more difficult obstacles…and that’s a great takeaway for kids to learn from an early age. It will teach them it’s ok not to succeed straight away, but to reassess and work out another way and try again.

Teaches them Teamwork
This is a huge skill that is great for children to learn from an early age and OCRs create this in order to get round the race. Working together in teams will teach children to work on their communicational skills and how to work with all different personality traits.

Great way to introduce fun into fitness
Obstacle Course Races work the whole body and build strength, balance, coordination and endurance. All of these things are what children should develop as they grow but sometimes get neglected if they aren’t exercising regularly. This is often due to the lack of creativity some sports provide and can be pretty de-motivating if they aren’t passionate about keeping fit.

The continuous change of pace, direction, obstacles and challenges that OCR’s bring is what will hopefully bring fun to kids and continue to pursue these types of races and training throughout their life to keep them fit and healthy.

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